Do YOU Have A Tasty Business Card?

Take a look at your business card. Go on. Get one in your hand and take a look at it.

  • Are you proud of it?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Does it make it easy for the recipient to remember ‘what’ you do?

If you said ‘No’ to any of those questions, you’d better go get some new ones printed, but before you do, please get some advice.

I gave a presentation to a small group of business owners the other week based on making their businesses memorable, part of which focussed on the humble business card. You can take a look at the presentation if you like, it’s on my Richard Mack Linked In profile. As part of my research I went through my business card file (it’s pretty big with over 1,000 cards), and took out some good examples, and some not so good, and was shocked at some of the basic errors. When you consider that the business card is the most basic of all marketing tools, and that every business has one, you’d think they’d all be great wouldn’t you?

Business Card Mints

Tasty Business Cards

I remember the time when I used a business card that was a little different, and boy did it get a reaction (all good). I was going to a big networking event where many people already knew me, they already had my card. I couldn’t get a new card printed as I was unsure what my new telephone number would be, but needed folk to know my other details, even if the card was temporary.  So I chose these business card mints. made with a very thin plastic case that’s the same size as a business card, they contain mints. The outside of the card can be branded, and in my case I had some fun with the words, saying something like “For a fresh approach to promotional gifts“. I knew that once the mints were eaten the card would be disposed of, but that was OK, as by then, I’d be in possession of my new business cards.

People still talk about the time I had a minted business card, and best of all, I gained a new client directly as a result of handing him this card. His words were, “I knew you would be someone that could help me and my business differentiate ourselves as soon as you gave me your card”. Over the course of two years, his average spend with my business was £2,000 per annum, all from a card that cost less than £1. that’s what I call a Return On Investment.

One Response to “Do YOU Have A Tasty Business Card?”

  1. Fantastic idea Richard….I look forward to getting your business card at the next Business Xchange meeting!

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