A Refreshing Power Source

ECO Friendly Promotional Gifts are the fastest growing sector of my industry, with more and more innovative  gifts coming onto the market almost every week.  For many of my customers, the challenge they are seeking with a promotional gift is to get it onto the desk of their target market, and I do mean ‘onto the desk’. With more and more companies having a ‘clear desk’ policy, and even where they don’t, getting it onto an already ‘busy’ desk, is no easy matter.

Water Powered Calculator

Water Powered Calculator

That’s why clever ideas like this will give you an edge. This is a clever solution to the ECO warrior’s mantra of ‘how to eliminate those nasty cell batteries’. Its an ECO friendly water powered calculator. Fill the reservoir with ordinary tap water, give it all a good shake, and hey presto…. you have electrical energy. So now, we have a desktop gift, a calculator no less, that would look good on anyone’s desk, and which is a useful object to have in any office, but which also carries the message about your environmental policy….. I reckon that even if your customer has already got a calculator, and there’s a good chance they will have, that this neat device will still be picked up and used (just to see how it works), and will be kept for years to come.

Any promotional gift that is kept, and is used, keeps reinforcing your brand, logo or message, on a daily basis, giving you an amazing return on investment

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