A Keepsake That Keeps Bags safe

Every once in a while I see a promotional gift that makes me smile and think about ‘how’ it can be used to best effect.

The Handbag Hanger

This particular item is wonderful and tactile, it practically asks you to pick it up. So what exactly is it, what does it do, and how could a business owner use it as a promotional gift to bring in additional revenue?

I call it ‘The Handbag Butler‘, but you could also call it the handbag hanger, as it unravels to reveal itself as a ‘hook’ that you can suspend from your table whilst dining or drinking, and allows you to keep your handbag where you can see it, right by your side. think about that for a moment. Instead of simply placing your bag on the floor, out of sight, and at risk of having drinks spilt on it, or worse, hanging it over the back of your chair, you now have an instant remedy, that you keep in your handbag, ready for any time you need to use it.

The Handbag Butler

I can see this being a smart choice, not just for bar owners, cafe owners or¬†restaurateurs, for them its almost obvious isn’t it, here’s a little gift for you to keep and remember your enjoyable stay at our hosteliery… no, I think this would be great for businesses thinking outside the box. Who would ‘use’ this device? Well that’s a great question, as if you get this wrong, you’d be appealing to the wrong market for your business. So, does your business appeal to the sort of demographic that’ll use this device? Mmmmm lets see:

  • Female
  • Old enough to be drinking
  • Smart/funky/savvy

So, lets see, what kind of business needs to be remembered by a potential audience like that?

Here at RT Promotions we just love it when a client hits all the buttons and gets their promotional activity spot on.

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