Taking Care Of Your Clients

Here in the UK we have been having what most people would call a ‘cold snap’… of course, any chance to make a drama out of a crisis, and us Brits jump in feet first… the country simply doesn’t cope with these weather conditions which is laughable.

Car in need of an icescraper

Car in need of an icescraper

Talking of laughable, this image caught my eye, and the story that goes with it is just plain scary.

It seems that an elderly woman drove into town with her windscreen still covered in snow and ice with just a tiny little viewing window cleared for her. The photo was taken by a member of the public.

The local police p[aid her a visit to ‘give advice’. I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation!!!

The best bit though, in my opinion, was that the police then gave her an ice scraper. I hope it was branded!!!

I’ve always thought that a promotional ice scraper is a smart promotional gift. Yes, it’s likely to only be in use for a few months of the year here in the UK, but I think the period of time it will be kept in the car will be measured in years!!! just think about the sorts of businesses that could link their products or services to an ice scraper…… go on…. think about it. What company would you link, and what message would you put on the ice scraper?

My suggestion would be an optician. The message could be: ‘Insert company name here… clearly the best choice for quality glasses’

Tell me your suggestions, and I’ll give a free gift to the best suggestion.

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