The Promotional Pen That KILLS Bacteria

Could this promotional pen be the ‘must have’ corporate pen of 2010? A pen that kills 99% of the bacteria it comes into contact with?

The BUG killing promotional pen

The BUG killing promotional pen

Amazing, but true, this new-to-the-market promotional pen has been two years in development and has some amazing properties that have been tested to all manner of technical standards. Take a look at the Living Pen data sheet to see what I mean.

When you consider how many owners the average pen has in it’s lifetime (I am advised it’s five), and then when you consider people simply borrowing your pen to jot something down, it stands to reason that the typical pen could be something of a haven for germs. The ‘Living Pen’ can eliminate all that, and yet still look and perform as a regular promotional pen should.

Can you imagine all the businesses that would want to associate themselves with a clean pen? A bug killing pen? I think the Living Pen could be this years next big thing in the promotional and corporate gifts sector.

2 Responses to “The Promotional Pen That KILLS Bacteria”

  1. Where are your share buttons? Twitter needs to hear about this 🙂

  2. Thanks Lesley – Mmmmmm – will see what apps I can put on here to do that – thank you again 🙂

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