2009’s Most Effective Promotional Gift

It’s the last day of the year, and in my rush to get things done ahead of the evenings celebrations I made some time to reflect on the past year and in particular, what for me has been the most effective promotional gift of 2009.

Syringe Shaped Highlighter and Pen

Syringe Shaped Highlighter and Pen

The best thing about running a promotional and corporate gifts company is that you get to see loads of ‘fun’ and interesting goods, and we see LOADS. Now, unfortunately, that means we get to see some real stinkers, things that should never have left the drawing board (more of that another day), but we also get to see the winners.

2009 has seen some suprising and unusual successes, but for me, the winner has to be this Syringe Shaped Highlighter and Pen. I liked it so much I had a thousand printed with our company logo and telephone number on, and we use it as a promotional giveaway for our business, RT Promotions, giving them to anyone and everyone we meet. They go down a storm at networking events.

 Why would a promotional gift company use a pen that would seem to be linked to drugs? Easy, we want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. If we gave an ‘ordinary’ giveaway, I think you can guess what would happen to most of them. 

This little dual-purpose pen/highlighter has been an amazing success for us, often from the most unexpected sources, and all because we selected a giveaway that would be hard to put away. These pens are begging to be used and talked about, and that’s what I call ‘Memory Hook Marketing’!!! 

To my mind, this is the perfect promotional gift for medical conferences, or surgical conferences, but could equally be linked to any company, business or service that ‘could give you a BOOST’.

2 Responses to “2009’s Most Effective Promotional Gift”

  1. How cool are those?!?!?! Love ’em.

  2. Thanks Barb….. we do get a favourable reaction to them. You should see the look on peoples faces when you hook a syringe out of your folder!!!

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