Car Number Plates

My business, RT Promotions, has regular dealings with car traders. You know, the folk who sell used cars!!!! Well, a common problem they have is that the original seller, the garage where they started out their life, usually brands the car’s number plates, (sometimes referred to as registration plates or tags), with their logo, telephone number and even their website. It’s only branded discretely, usually a small print along the top line of the plate, but thats not the point. It’s advertising a competitor.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, there’s only two things you can do. Either manufacture two brand new number plates, simply to obliterate the competitors name, not exactly a low-cost option.


My company offers a simple ultra-thin sticker solution.We call them ‘number plate over-stickers‘ and they are sold in packs, so you have a white reflective tape for the forward facing number plate, and a yellow reflective sticker for the rear plate. Your logo, brand, and other details are printed onto the strips, and you simply stick them over your competitors branding.

Once again, these simple ideas are all part of a strategy that we call ‘Memory Hook Marketing’, whereby you are continually seeking out ways to remind customers or potential customers of your company.

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