ECO Friendly Battery Charger

Do you ever find yourself running out of power on one of your mobile devices, and with no mains power to hand to do a charge up?

Well maybe this neat little device is the sort of thing you need to have.

Solar Energy Charger

Solar Energy Charger

With a sleek, techie design, this rather nice Solar Energy Charger harvests the energy from the sun, and then charges up your mobile device. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can get some solar energy, you can keep the power going. If you think this is a smart idea, consider the power of using something like this as a promotional gift. Not only is it a desirable object, but it carries with it some serious ECO Friendly status, that maybe you can link to your corporate or company message.

Perhaps you run a company that could use any of the following messages to link yourself to a product like this:

“We have the power and the solution”
“There for you, whenever you need us”
“Helping the planet, helping our clients”

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