How Memorable Are You?

How often do you get back to the office after attending a networking event, empty out your pockets, look at the business cards you’ve collected, and then think, “who was that person?”

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Maybe not quite as soon after the event as I’ve just described, but we’ve all looked at a business card and then thought, “did I actually meet this person?”

Steve Trister

Steve Trister

Take a look at this card. Not exactly memorable is it? it’s a plain white card, with a simple black font. I’ve seen simple cards that are classy, but this isn’t even that. It looks like it’s been printed in one of those DIY machines you see in motorway service areas.
However, there’s a big BUT.
There’s a twist.

I met the owner of this card, Steve Trister, at a ‘South Coast Connections’ networking event in Poole, Dorset, and he made such an impression on me, that here I am writing about him. Now that’s what I call ‘making yourself memorable’, but with an awful card like that, how’d he do it?

First of all he was engaging. We spoke, we listened to each other, we didn’t work the room while we were together.

Secondly, he knew full well what he was doing when he printed a card as dull as that. When we got to the point where we exchanged business cards, he made sure I gave him mine first. Clever that. He paid a lot of attention to my card, reading it front and back, looking me in the eye, asking me questions about my business. Now it was Steve’s turn, and boy did he work it well….

When he gave me his card, he made sure it was face up, the dull and boring side, and looked me straight in the eye for a reaction, and kept watching while I turned it over to see the reverse.


Steve's Business Card

Steve's Business Card



WOW……. an image like that, and here’s the thing, the image is a real one of Steve pulling a face, but with no photoshop tidying up, its REAL. Well you’ve just got to smile. He’s watching you all the time, and now the conversation really takes off about who he is and what he does.

I remembered him, and for all the right reasons.

Now I’m not suggesting we all go and put silly faces on the backs of our business cards, but I am asking you to reflect on how easy you make it for others to remember you, especially at networking events where you may only have a fleeting meeting.


3 Responses to “How Memorable Are You?”

  1. Love this Richard…its certainly got me thinking…

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it! This guy is truely tapping into the experiential economy.

  3. Thanks for the feedback….. I LOVED it too. Its easily the best example I’ve seen of someone pushing the limits on ‘being remembered’.
    BTW…. with one post on 11/11, and the second on 11/1, does that mean I can expect another post on 11/2???

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