Do Newsletters Work?

I’ve always thought you can get on clients nerves if you don’t find the right balance with ‘Newsletters’. Too often or too salesy will have the opposite of your intended effect.


RT Promotions Mini Cooper

RT Promotions Mini Cooper

So where’s the line?
What’s too often?
What’s ‘too salesy’, and how are you meant to promote your product or services if you don’t announce it?

I’ll cut to the chase here. I don’t have a fixed answer. It will depend on quite a few variables including:
Your current relationship with the recipient
The style and language you use in your newsletter

My simple little point here is that although my business, RT Promotions, sends out infrequent newsletters, one of the best responses I’ve ever had was to the simple news I sent out a few days ago, simply telling folk we’d moved offices.

Go figure!!!!

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