Not All Promo Gifts Are Equal

I came across a promotional gift that I simply had to have. Me? the guy that can have pretty much any corporate giveaway I choose? The man that’s seen so many gifts that its going to take something pretty special to get me to even slow down, let alone want one. What kind of gift would do that?

Well, it’s not really a gift at all. It’s a simple lapel pin brooch, and really quite small and discrete. Here in the UK, we will soon be commemorating Armistice Day, or Remembrance Sunday, and everywhere you go, there’s someone selling you another flimsy paper-poppy to wear.

Branded Lapel Badge

Branded Lapel Badge

Most folk buy one, and by Sunday everybody is wearing one with pride. The trouble is (in my opinion), they are so flimsy. they’re held on by a simple pin and fall off all too easily. I’ve now purchased at least three poppies this year alone, and you know what, they don’t even look good!!!

So imagine my delight when I saw this little beauty. I simply had to have one. I love em!!! They have the ‘year’ stamped on them, and I can’t wait till next years comes out. I’d gladly donate TWICE the amount I’d normally pay into the charity bucket, and actually enjoy wearing it.

My business, RT Promotions, sells badges and brooches like this all the time for various clubs, organisations and charities, so I’m forever seeing the little things, all personalised of course. But what a powerful message it is when you simply have to have one. I’d never be writing on here about the little paper ones would I? Now that’s what I call ‘memory hook marketing’.

Picture to follow (my camera battery ran out so I couldn’t post it, but do come back, and I’ll get the picture up I promise!!).

4 Responses to “Not All Promo Gifts Are Equal”

  1. The other problem with paper poppies is when you lose the pin down the front of your blouse in the middle of a networking event!

    Is part of the attraction to this its rarity value? They sold out very quickly. Didn’t that make you want one more??

  2. Thanks Margaret
    Losing pins is an issue, and I can’t possibly comment on things going on inside your blouse!!!

    I think you’re right re the rarity. I love the brooch all the more because you hardly see any being worn.

    Have you got one?

  3. On sale at British legions I believe!!!

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