ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

Statements about corporate responsibility are all the rage aren’t they? They’re a little bit like the ‘mission statements’ of the 80’s, they look good on paper and allow the ‘suits’ to say they’ve signed it off, but it often stops there, just a statement, no action.

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

ECO Friendly Corporate Clothing

In a world where being seen to ‘do’ something is half the battle, physically ‘wearing’ your statement is pretty powerful stuff right? My business, RT Promotions, apart from branding and personalising all the usual promotional give-aways (and yes, we do lots of ECO Friendly promotional gifts), have become known as specialists in embroidered and branded corporate wear (logo’d shirts). We have noticed a massive upsurge in the demand and supply of ECO Friendly clothing, and the savvy companies we work with have started to use this style of clothing wherever possible.

When buying ECO Friendly clothing, look to see if its accredited. We insist on our organic cotton that’s grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and defoilants. We try to use ‘Skal’ as they are the main internationally recognised certifier of organic cotton.

My personal corporate wear is always branded, and it works, people notice it and as a result, remember me and my business. That’s what I call ‘memory hook marketing’ the power of subliminally helping people to remember you and your business, so when the time is right for them to do business with you, they won’t have any trouble remembering you!!

Imagine the power of you and your staff wearing eco friendly clothing?


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