Bling Bling

‘Subtle’ has its place, but sometimes you’ve got to put it out there, you’ve got to go BLING!!!

Gold Bullion Ingot USB Flash Drive

Gold Bullion Ingot USB Flash Drive

Here at RT Promotions we produce and personalise a vast range of promotional gifts, but the hottest ticket for some time has been USB Memory Sticks, and even then, boy, do we have some choice? With over 150 different models on show on our website, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.  We have models that are subtle, bling, shiny, matt, leather, plastic, liquid filled, and even biometric, all with a range of memory chips to suit your budget.

I wanted to show you this little beauty. Shaped like a gold bullion ingot, it’s sure to be a very welcome gift for your corporate clients this coming Christmas.

The nice thing about giving corporate promotional gifts is that if you get them right, they bring a smile to the recipients faces, and, best of all, they are kept and treasured for years to come.

Think about that. Every time the gift is picked up or used, your logo or brand is seen, reminding them of your service…. that’s what we call memory hook marketing!!

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