Hammering Home Your Message

So your business is connected to safety issues, or maybe its to do with insurance, disaster recovery, risk management, etc, etc. Not always the most exciting things to be promoting are they? So how can you link any of these businesses with a blooming great hammer?

Emergency Escape Hammer

Emergency Escape Hammer

I think you could do a lot worse than associating your brand and message with something like this safety hammer. It’s the kind of thing that you hope you NEVER need, after all, things must be getting pretty drastic if you need to smash the windscreen on your vehicle to make an escape. But think about that for a minute. lets look at the products features, and then consider what benefits they could offer to your business.

  • It’s a quality gift
  • It’s highly likely to be kept and used
  • It would be a daily reminder of your brand/logo/message

Of course, the real trick is the message. Sometimes, a simple line like, ‘always there when you need us’, is enough for people to get it.

Remember, if you get the right promotional gift, into the hands of the right potential customer, and most importantly, the gift is kept and used, then you are getting into an area that my company, RT Promotions, define’s as  ‘memory hook marketing’. Your brand is being seen and used many times a day, every day, even though the user may not even be a customer of yours. BUT, when the time comes and they need your product or service, the ‘memory hook’ comes into play and your business stands a better than average chance of getting the call.

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