Making Christmas Parties Memorable

It’s that time of year. If you’ve not yet seen any Christmas decorations or gifts in the shops, you soon will. My business (RT Promotions) is all about helping clients find the right promotional gift. The whole point of giving a corporate gift is to be remembered (for all the right reasons), and of course Christmas is a brilliant time to say ‘thank you’ to your customers and staff. Which brings me to Christmas parties.

Many of you will be going to an endless stream of Christmas dinner parties. Some will be black tie events while others may be a table booked at the local pub/restaurant. There’ll be silly hats, turkey and stuffing aplenty, too much wine, inappropriate comments, and those ridiculous Christmas crackers. But when you leave to go home, what will you take with you?

The savvy organiser will ensure you have a gift or token to leave with. A simple reminder and a permanent ‘thank you’. Now these gifts can take all forms, from a quality gift, perhaps a ladies compact mirror or a pen and perfume gift set, through to a low cost gesture gift. My business caters for all of these items, all branded and personalised to your own personal requirements, but I wanted to show you something a little different, a little quirky.

I’d like you to consider these little table decorations.

Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decorations

In the form of a snowman, these little characters ‘light up’ and then change colour. We brand them on the chest area, and have worked with companies that use them for their Christmas corporate events. We can even add individual names (at no extra cost) allowing you to use them as place settings.

Picture the scene. Your guests are in the bar (aren’t they always?) enjoying a pre-dinner drink, the atmosphere is buzzing, the ladies look fab, and the guys have scrubbed up well. At the appointed time, the organiser gets their attention and invites them to go through to be seated. They walk past the seating plans and enter the dining area. The lighting is subdued, and the tables are aglow with a series of glowing snowmen, each with a corporate logo and a guests name on. Ahhhhhhhhhh……. how nice!!!

You’ve certainly set the scene for a function that will be fun, yet also personal. Putting someone’s name onto a gift is a sure fire way to ensure its kept and not just given away.

Now some may moan and say ‘waste of money’, but let me tell you, come the end of the evening, there wont be any left on the tables amongst all of the Christmas cracker rubbish, they’ll be pocketed and on their way home, serving as an annual reminder of that GREAT Christmas dinner party.

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