A Novel Approach To A Business Gift

I see lots of memorable ideas every day that are used as a business gift, or a Memory Hook, but every now and again, a new idea comes past my nose that stands out from the crowd, and idea that when used correctly could give the business a competitive advantage, now that’s what I call a ‘business gift’.

This particular idea is an addition to our extensive range of USG Flash Drives, sometimes called Memory Sticks, and will appeal to anyone with ECO Friendly associations. Not only is the USB made of wood, but it’s integrated into a lanyard.

Wooden USB Memory Stick with Lanyard

Wooden USB Memory Stick with Lanyard

USB Memory Sticks have been increasing in sales with my company, RT Promotions, for some time and its easy to see why. Small enough to slip into your wallet or purse, these stylish devices are an increasingly popular way to store data to carry around with you. Just pop it into the USB port of your PC, save your files, photos, Powerpoint presentation, or even your brochure and slip it into your pocket. It’s a great way to give a client or prospective client, your portfolio or brochure. It was in your pocket, now its in theirs, and best of all, you’ve given them a GIFT.

Why have a boring old standard one when you can have a device that will ensure you are remembered? Remember, that’s why most of our clients are giving away business gifts, to ensure their customers remember them. Which gift are you most likely to remember? The unusual one right? Well if it works for you, it may well be right for your customers. So ask yourself the question, Do you want to spend money on a gift that will NOT get you a Return On Your Investment (ROI), or do you want to go win some business?

Good luck

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  1. You have a nice site! Great information!

  2. Hey Michelle
    Thanks… glad you like it

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