Twitter Used Primarily By Under 40’s

When you look at the growth of social networking sites like Twitter, it’s certainly a phenomena you need to consider. Life used to be so much simpler didn’t it? Do the occasional press release, organise a company newsletter or magazine and circulate it to your database (no worries about spam or unsubscribe!!), whereas now, you have tons more plates to keep spinning.

Practically ALL of the businesses that I meet as MD of RT Promotions talk about networking, and social networking, both physically and the ever popular on-line style. Most, are a little daunted by the technology involved, the time it may take to contribute, the money it may consume, and some simply scared of getting involved, others see it as a fad.

Last week Forbes Insights, in association with Google, released a study showing that more than half of business executives under the age of 40 interact on micro-blogging platforms like Twitter.

The report, “The Rise of the Digital C-Suite: How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information,” showed that 32% of business executives under 40 read or generate microfeeds daily, and 24% do so several times a week. In total, 56% of Executives Under 40 Use Twitter and Micro-blogging.

So…. it’s not a fad, and is not showing any signs of fading. With an audience as important as this, you simply MUST consider getting involved if you are in business.

By the way, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, just follow this link. RT_Promotions. ….. I hope you like it.


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