Which Style Of Networker Are You?

Everyone has an opinion on ‘networking’, and I’ve heard many definitions of what a networker is, but hadn’t heard about these four styles before.

Don Gabor is a professional speaker and the author of eight books on communication skills, including ‘How to start a conversation and make friends’. He has identified four different styles of succesful networkers.

1: Competitive Networkers
2: Outgoing Networkers
3: Amiable Networkers
4: Analytical Networkers

More details of each in my next post……


3 Responses to “Which Style Of Networker Are You?”

  1. Oooooh….. an impatient reader eh? OK, I’ll pull my finger out and post the follow up to this shortly….. promise!!!

  2. promises, promises! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz64hWng2vM

    PS. Why do you think the drummer and kit are on top of an ironing board?

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