Left Handies

Unique Branded Pens

Unique Branded Pens

I was in talks with a client just the other week, when they asked if my company, RT Promotions, could supply promotional branded ballpens for left-handed people. It threw me for a moment, and then I gathered my thoughts.

His point was simple, and the solution was simpler still. Let me explain.

Go get hold of a promotional pen. You must have loads in your pen pot or drawer…. any of them will do, as long as it has someones brand, logo or message on it. Done that? Got one?

Hold it in your right hand as though you are going to write with it. You’l see that the logo reads correctly, its the right way up. Now do the same thing in your left hand. The whole thing is upside down isn’t it?

This was his simple point. If he branded his pens all the same way, they wouldn’t work for a left handed person, whereas, and here’s the solution, if you branded some of them with the message/logo spun through 180 degrees or inverted, then it would work perfectly well for left handed people. You DONT need to buy a special pen, you simply need to place your artwork onto the pen slightly differently from the right handed pen.

5 Responses to “Left Handies”


    I love this idea. So small and simple, but yet so exceedingly huge!!!

    Thanks for thinking about us Lefties!!!

  2. This was an interesting article. I am left handed and I just pulled a pen out of my purse and turned it around like I was going to write and sure enough the logo was upside down. I had never noticed that before. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Thanks for that Stacey/Kristy
    Glad you liked it.
    It’s often the simplest of solutions that work best isn’t it?

  4. Surely you should just put the logo one way up on one side of the pen and the other way up on the other? Most left-handers get used to transposing things automatically anyway.

    Now if you were changing the pen grip…..

    My son had terrible trouble in learning to write until I found pencils for him that were shaped so that they didn’t slip in a LH grip. I’ve tried them myself and they really are very comfortable to write with.

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