How Best To Use A Promotional Gift

Richard Mack

Richard Mack

For many of my clients, buying and then using a promotional gift is NOT a regular occurance. Some in fact, only buy branded giveaways for their yearly trade shows, or sales conferences. I often see or hear about the usual ‘mistakes’ being made.

Think about it. Cast your mind back to the last Trade Show you visited. While wondering around the show, how many promotional products did you see? Loads I bet, in fact, I’d bet that practically every exhibitor had branded giveaways….. but, how many had simply left them strewn across their reception counter area, or hospitality desk. You could just breeze up, grab a pen and walk away couldn’t you?

Do you think that this example demonstrates effective use of a promotional gift? I hope not!!!

But it’s not their fault. They are used to promoting their businesses, but not used to how to be effective with a promotional gift. That’s where my assistance is invaluable. If you think you could benefit from my hints and tips, why not sign up for my FREE weekly newsletter giving you advice and guidance on stuff that I know a great deal about?

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