How ECO-Friendly Are You?

Do you present your company ‘by the numbers’? Is it a case of, “this is how we’ve always done it”  or “we need to stay on-message”?

I say, let your customers see the ‘real you’ at every opportunity.

ECO Friendly Stapler

ECO Friendly Stapler

Lets take your policy and company ethos on ‘recycling’ for example. Many companies have a policy, but how many take the time to let their clients and customers in on the message?

If you are keen to promote your business and to stay in touch with your clients and prospects, what better way then by using a promotional gift? A simple giveaway item, branded and personalised with your corporate logo or message is a highly effective way to ensure you are REMEMBERED. It should appeal to as many of the ‘senses’ as possible, certainly touch and see, but how many more can you cram in? And then, why not use the same gift to remind people what a fabulous, caring company you are?

The simple stapler I have shown you above is ‘ECO Friendly”. Why? Because it doesn’t use metal staples (bad for the environment), but simply crimps the paper together. They are colourful, and when personalised will act as a powerful ‘Memory Hook’ to remind everyone about your business.

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