Tell Your Customers How ECO Friendly Your Business Is

Are you telling your clients how ECO Friendly your business is?
I don’t necesarily mean that in a literal sense, you’d probably start to get on their nerves if you harped on about your environmental values all the time, what I mean is, are you adding a soft-touch message to everything you do, and specifically, your use of promotional products where there are massive opportunities for you to subtly raise awareness of your policies.

Recycled Promotional Pencils

Recycled Promotional Pencils

ECO Friendly promotional giveaways and gifts are the fastest growth area of the promotional gift market here in the UK, and YOUR business should consider ‘why’ that is happening. The reason my clients, here at RT Promotions, are purchasing more and more recycled or ECO friendly branded items is simple. They are going to buy a promotional item anyway, so why not purchase one that carries an additional, subtle message?

Showing your potential customers that you care about these environmental issues doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of my clients are now using pencils instead of pens, and where possible, going for recycled pencils like this one.  Don’t forget to TELL people what you are doing, perhaps with a message on the pencil that says “I was made from 4.5 recycled vending machine cups“. You’re going to promote yourself in any case, so why not do it with a powerful message that will appeal to an increasing number of your prospects?

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