Techie Promotional Gifts

If I have a mantra, I guess its, “Don’t buy a promotional gift that appeals to YOU, buy one that will appeal to your target market”.

As owner of RT Promotions, when meeting with clients, time and time again, I try to hold them back (its usually the bosses that are worst) who are buying promotional giveaways simply because they think the item is cool. They want one, so they think it’ll be a great idea to use them as a gift to promote their business. WRONG!!!!

You have to get into your prospective customers heads. You must think as they do, and appeal to their senses with your gift. Let me put it this way, a man may think that the latest sprocket and screwdriver kit is a really neat thing, he’d love to have one, but would he then buy one as a gift for his wife? Of course not (unless of course this was an unusual woman that loves DIY). There will always be exceptions, and this week, that’s excatly what happened to me.

I was with the board of directors of a leading ‘techie’ company. They were looking for a quality gift to give to their high-end customers as a ‘thank you’ and also to use as a ‘memory hook’ gift for some of their prospective customers. After lots of discussion, they settled on this new USB Flash Drive thats funky, colourful and slightly ‘out there’.

Liquid Filled USB Flash Drive

Liquid Filled USB Flash Drive

It jumped out at them, they LOVED it, they wouldn’t put the sample down, and kept playing with it. Can we have the liquid in our corporate colour? Yes you can. Can we put our logo inside as the floating object? Yes you can. Can we have a 2GB version as well as a 1GB version, all personalised and branded to our own requirements? Yes you can. These guys were enthralled, there was going to be no stopping them buying into this as a Branded Promotional Gift. But, you know what? I didn’t need to. This was a rare example of the client being in the same market and mind-set as their customers. If they liked it, there was a really good chance that their clients would as well.

Win – Win then.

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