Getting to know Me



My method for dowsing

My method for dowsing

Odd title that don’t you think? Getting to know ‘me, as opposed to ‘you’. In fact, those of you that read my blog regularly will know that my passion is about getting to know my ‘clients’…. so why ‘getting to know me’?

I’ve decided to broaden my blog out a little bit, and let you know a little about what ‘Super Mack’ gets up to when he’s not working in my business RT Promotions

For some time I’ve been taking an interest in things called Earth Energies, and that has led me to the world of dowsing, and leylines, and all kinds of stuff to do with things that many people would call ‘tree hugging’, but which, the more I look at it, the more I want to know. Its all facinating stuff.

Tonight, I am going to a presentation and discussion on ‘ORBS’. Taking place in deepest Dorset here in the UK, it will cover areas such as the  ‘super-plasma’ phenomena as well as  ‘Orbs’ (EL-AEONS) and will include what are claimed to be the worlds first PHOTOGRAPHS OF EARTH ENERGIES! Breathtaking visual evidence of energetic phenomena well-known to doswers but dismissed by many until now.

I can’t wait, and will keep you posted on my journey of development and enlightenment.

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