Bugging your Prospects

Low cost business generators

Low cost business generators

Sometimes, no matter how BIG your business, it can be the small things which make the difference between a sale or no sale.

Take these little character ‘bugs’ for example. They are about as low-cost promotional giveaway item that you can buy, and there in lies the point. The more expensive the promotional giveaway, the more reluctant you will be to give it away. Well, I hear you say, “It costs money, I don’t want to just give money away”. But would you say that about your business card? They cost money, and it’s not uncommon to find their true cost to be around 50p for spot coloured, multisided, varnished, etc, etc…. but you don’t think twice about giving them away now do you?

There’s more, much, much more to promotional products than just ‘price’, and if you’ve been reading any of my articles you’ll know I’m PASSIONATE about my clients getting a Return On Their Investment (ROI) whenever they use my business, RT Promotions, for their promotional activity…… but sometimes, just sometimes, the answer is really simple, sometimes small, and usually low-cost!!

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