A Personal Post

This is a rare moment….. a ‘personal’ blog moment from the Memory Hook Marketing Man. But, I feel it’s appropriate, and wanted to share it with you, after all, I am ‘real’.

The business is going really well. Success brings fresh challenges, and some, are on a personal level. As a business without a board of directors, I really miss the opportunity to share problems, and right now, on a commercial as well as personal level, I’m struggling.

I was sat next to a very pleasant lady at a networking event last week, and she commented to me (without any prompting), that she kept a piece of paper by her computer with an inspirational phrase on it. She would glance at it every day, and it helped to keep her mind focussed, even when times were tough. The phrase? Well it’s none other than our man-of-the-year, Barack Obama, who commented when visiting the UK back in April:

“Don’t shortchange the future for fear of the present”.

WOW, does that resonate with me right now.
I am facing some tough challenges, and it would be easy to play it safe, but I’m inspired to play it dangerous…… maybe, just maybe, this is my tipping point moment.

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