Appealing To Your Senses

Branded Perfume as a Promotional Gift

Branded Perfume as a Promotional Gift

My business, branded promotional gifts, is all about finding a Memory Hook to appeal to your clients. Sometimes its a simple gifts, that’s it, just a gift. You’re hoping they’ll keep the gift, perhaps on their desk, and remember you everytime they see and use the gift, that the ‘Memory Hook’, you’re making it hard for your clients and potential clients to forget you. Simple isn’t it? A gift of some kind that’s of use, and will be kept. The part that makes them remember you is the fact that the gift will have been personalised or branded with your logo, or message, and in many ways, these gifts appeal to the recipients senses. They will touch the gift, they will look at the gift, sometimes, as with a pen, you can ‘feel’ the smoothness as it writes, or maybe there’s a satisfying ‘click’ as you press the clicker to write with it, perhaps the very colour of the pen is satsifying to the eye.  It gets much harder when we head off in the direction of ‘taste’ or ‘smell’. Taste tends to be used most often with promotional sweets, or mints, and sometimes drinks. These are very effective giveaways to use at trade shows, or seminars, but have a very short lifetime. Once consumed, they’ve gone!!!

But what about ‘smell’? How can that be used as an effective promotional gift? Well, there are a few ways, and one of them is to use a branded and personalised perfume or eau de toilette to appeal to the senses of your clients.

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