Recycling v Energy Use

Recycled Promotional Products

Recycled Promotional Products

The promotional gifts market has seen a massive increase in demand for recycled and ECO friendly products for businesses to use to promote their business. The demand has caused a response from the manufacturers who battle to meet the challenge, and try to inspire by developing ever-original and creative products. This in turn leads to a healthy question and answer debate regarding just ‘how’ eco friendly each product is.

One that my business, RT Promotions, is sometimes asked is, “don’t recycled products require more energy to produce than standard products?”. It’s a good question, let me try and answer it.

In many cases, there is no more energy required at all. A key point here however, is that in my opinion, where there is more energy used, we simply need to stick with it, and as demand increases, so production techniques will improve, and one result ofthat is proven to be a reduction in energy. A great example of this is with recycled paper. In the early days (late 60’s and 70’s), the production of recycled paper was far more energy intensive than for the production of new (virgin) paper. Had the industry not stuck with it and improved the production techniques, we’d not be where we are today where recycled and virgin paper production is equally efficient.

In brief, the short-term pain has created a long-term gain. 

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