A ‘Slave’ as a PR Stunt?

A slave for the day?

A slave for the day?

I received an email from one of my biggest suppliers the other day. Apparently my business RT Promotions had won a ‘slave for the day’. I was bemused and impressed in equal measures. I had entered my business card into a prize draw whilst at a trade show, and my name came out of the hat as a winner. And the slave? Calm down, calm down….. it was a clever ploy by the suppliers marketing team, which effectively gave me the loan of their account manager for the day. Clever that!!!

What happened was the account manager came to visit my company offices for the day, and we had her all to ourselves, for TRAINING and hands-on product knowledge.

I loved it. How often do you get the chance to have one of the industries top pen suppliers, all to yourself? We thought we knew a thing or two about promotional pens, and we probably did, but now we know even more, and for our customers and clients, thats got to be a good thing right? We had a lot of fun and learnt so much about their products. You’d never give a sales rep that much time would you?  We learnt all about their ECO pens, their new range, their plans for the future, some of the on-line technology that has been made available to us which will allow us to give even more to our clients.

To top it all off, we were left with loads of promotional merchandise… samples of course, but much, much more. We even acquired a revolving glass cabinet for our customer showroom area.

I think this was clever, original, and innovative. Everybody went home happy.

Our pen manufacturer gets held down

Our pen manufacturer gets held down

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