If it doesn’t exists – Go Create It!!!


Searching for the BEST promotional gifts

Searching for the BEST promotional gifts

It used to be the case that only the BIG HITTERS could consider having a bespoke or unique promotional product. They were expensive to get designed, and then horribly expensive to go through pre-production and into full production with. You couldn’t even consider doing it if you only wanted a couple of hundred items. Times have changed…..

There’s literally ‘nothing’ you can’t now get. If you can conceive it – you can get it.

Always talk to a reputable promotional gifts suppler, people who have strong relationships with manufacturers and who know a thing or two about the industry.

Here at RT Promotions, that’s what we do.

Everyday, we see, touch, hold, play with and sometimes even taste or smell the most amazing promotional products. We know whats ‘hot’ and what’s not, and if you let us, we’ll tell you what will and wont work for your business. We call this whole area ‘Memory Hook Marketing’ as it creates a lasting memory with the recipient, so that when they are ready to buy, its your brand they’ll remember. We love a challenge, and together with our partners from around the world, we have a powerful sourcing capability. If it doesn’t exist, as long as you are prepared to order enough, we can get it made for you…. imagine that, the thing that only currently exists in your mind, could be in your hands in weeks!!

Tell us your brief, paint a picture for us on what your style or foilbles are, give us the best brief ever…. and we’ll find a promotional product that meets your requirements.

Go on… get your creative juices flowing, let your imagination run wild, and let’s go grow YOUR business with a stunning branded gift.

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