The Secret Of Success

If only there was a magic formula for making your business a success.
But, you know, there are a few tricks that pretty much guarantee results, and I’ll share one with you:

Be specific about the market you are after

It wasn’t that hard was it? Not too difficult at all….
So why is it that so many business people that I meet, that are about to purchase a promotional gift, aimed at generating new customers for their businesses, simply aren’t specific about the type of customer they are targeting?

Time and time again they are about to ‘buy a branded pen’ simply because they think its a ‘good idea’.
Men are the worst….. show them a gizmo that lights up or is remotely sexy and they want one.

WRONG….. get something thats effective.

It may not be sexy, it may not light up, it may even be something fairly ordinary… but this isn’t a competition for the newset, sexiest, blingest promotional product, its for the most effective promotional product, and THAT will vary depending on ‘who’ you are targeting.

Clients that allow my business to understand their requirements get far more leverage out of their promotional activity than those that simply buy items off of our website. My business, RT Promotions makes money whichever route you decide to take, its just I like to see my clients get a massive return on investment, and using Memory Hook Marketing techniques with Gifts is a proven, powerful way to generate business.


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