Kelloggs v Post

I am researching for accurate data on Kelloggs.



I’m particularly interested in their early years, when, a key competitor was a company called ‘Post’

In the early 1900’s Post and Kelloggs pretty much had identical market share, they were both pretty big, successful companies.

Then a funny thing happened. The world had a depression, companies crashed, and those that didn’t, sucked in their breathe. Many of the survivors slashed their marketing budgets.

Kelloggs didn’t. In fact, they spent more!! Post on the other hand cut back on their marketing.

Post cereals

Post cereals

When the economy lifted again, one brand held the high ground, and the other had lost market share.

Putting it bluntly, which brand do you remember?

My problem is, as with everything on the internet, what’s true, and what is misinformation?

Can anyone confirm that this is true?

Is it really all down to marketing spend in a downturn? Is that it? Everybody harps on about making sure you keep your marketing presence up in a tough economy, don’t cut it back, etc, etc, but where’s the proof? If I can prove this story to be true……..


8 Responses to “Kelloggs v Post”

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  2. […] Memory Hook Marketing created an interesting post today on Kelloggs v PostHere’s a short outlineKelloggs Logo I am researching for accurate data on the battle between these two cereal giants. It’s inspired by a nugget of information/speculation that the brands shared equal footing of market share in the early to mid 1900’s, until the Depression, when Kelloggs spent money on advertising, and Post didn’t. Post cereals When the economy lifted again, one brand held the high ground, and the other had lost market share. Putting it bluntly, which brand do you remember? My problem is […]

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  5. The Post Cereals founder, Charles W. Post is the distant cousin of the hero, Alan B. Hall, a man who gave his life saving a young girl! “Uncle” Alan Hall is watching the eaters of Post cereals all over the world!

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