Another Succesful Client

Promoting Pest Control

Promoting Pest Control

One of my clients breezed by the offices last week, full of the joys of spring. Forget the media and all the hype about the Recession and a Downturn, there’s business to be won out there, and my client for one has found a way to make a difference. Do you notice how there’s two types of business owners?

1: The type that moan about how bad things are, and why doesn’t the governement help?

2: The sort that are seeking ways to generate business.

My client fits into section two. He came to see me six months or so back, looking for a promotional giveaway to act as a business generator, or a ‘Memory Hook’. He’s in the ‘Pest Control’ business, which, when you think about it, is a ‘challenging’ business to promote. You almost want to whisper it don’t you, “Hello, do you have a pest control problem?” Not my client, he was going to get people talking about his business, he was going to ensure his prospects REMEMBERED him. So what did he do?

Simple really…. he used a low-cost branded pen as a giveaway, to act as his business card. Wherever he went, in addition to talking to his prospective clients and giving them a business card, he always left a promotional pen. Three months after beginning this activity, he received a call from one of the most presigious Hotels in his area, asking him to pop over and have a chat. The meeting resulted in them becoming a customer, and not just ‘any’ customer…. they have become his most profitable customer EVER.  The best bit, is that the reason they called him was because they had picked up one of his promotional pens when they were visiting an Estate Agent. My client had been canvassing Estate Agents and had left one of his pens there, the pen gets picked up by a customer, and my client gets a call. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

So lets look at the facts shall we?

  • He stayed positive, and looked for ways for his business to STAND OUT.
  • He invested in some ‘Memory Hook Marketing’ solutions (promotional pens).
  • He gave the pens away to any business owner he met (little time bombs)
  • His client didn’t even get the pen from him directly, he got it second hand, and it still worked!!!
  • He has had a Return On Investment (ROI) of around 1,000%

2 Responses to “Another Succesful Client”

  1. Quite an excellent post – I think what your client has done shows great initiative – to get hotels and estate agents is a brilliant move that many should follow suit in their local area. The pen was just a stroke of genius.

  2. Cheers RJ, I appreciate your comments.
    Nice website btw… I’ll tell my client to check you out and suggest he registers.

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