I find myself faced with choices every single day. I don’t see anything particularly unusual in that, that’s life isn’t it? Apart from being a Forrest Gump ‘Box Of Chocolates’, it’s about the choices you have, and the processes you go through in order to make a decision. At least thats what I thought until I heard Paul Bellard give a talk the other week.
Paul Bellard

Paul Bellard

His presentation was a heady mix of personal life-journey and inspirational and thought provoking questions. Again, no suprise there as I’ve watched Paul present to a room full of business people on a number of occasions, and they are always memorable, and perhaps more importantly, result in a ‘call to action’. Watching him the other day though had me reaching for my pen (I always have a pen to hand). Paul had this to say about choices:
When dealing with choices consider this:
  1. If you have only one choice – then you have no choice.
  2. If you have two choices – what you really have is a dilema.
  3. If you have three or more – WOW, what you really have now is an ‘opportunity’

Thats just typical of Paul. Most people would see these ranges of ‘choices’ as a problem, and what he did was to show us that they aren’t really a series of problems at all, and ultimately, for the people with a desk-full of choices, he got them to consider that maybe, just maybe, what they really had was an opportunity. Thank you Paul.


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