Forming an opinion

Forming an opinion

I LOVE hearing other peoples opinions. They are the gravy that mixes amongst the thoughts flowing through my brain. I still need to form my own judgement of course, but the better, and more diverse the opinions, then the more likely I will be to be able to make the right decision, after all, ‘opinions are like belly buttons – everybody has one’. There’s a much ruder version of that, but we wont go there will we!!

The Promotional Fork Pen

The Promotional Fork Pen

In a previous post, I was explaining how I was in need of a strapline to go onto a promotional giveaway, a ‘fork pen’ that my business, RT Promotions, was going to use for a Hotel and Catering show we were exhibiting at. I sought opinions from some local business owners, and its funny isn’t it? If you ask, you will receive and I was astonished at thye high quality of responses I received. It was quite a challenge to form an opinion on which was the best one to use on the pen. Remember, we are trying to get potential customers to REMEMBER us, we are using the ‘memory hook’ technique that I’m forever telling you about. Getting potential customers to remember you is half the battle, its not about SELLING to everyone you meet. Anyway, here is an edited list of the final selection:

1. If you’re forking out on promotions, make sure it cuts the mustard!
2. Tricky promotional problem? RT Promotions eats them for breakfast.
3. Memory hook marketing that your customers will dine out on!
4. Lunch is for wimps but RT Promotions is forever!
5. Don’t make a meal of it – RT will deal with it!
6. Just a stab in the dark, but do you want your promotions to be more effective?
7. RT Promotions – better than a poke in the eye, or anywhere else for that matter.

Good aren’t they?
OK, I wont tease you too much longer…. I chose one from the list I’ve shown you, but which one would YOU have gone for?

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