Have You Noticed How Popular Networking Has Become?

At the networking events that I regularly attend, I’ve noticed a distinct change in both the numbers attending, and also the composition. The numbers at all of the groups have gone rapidly up, and its no longer the domain of start-ups or networking junkies…. there’s a steady influx of medium sized businesses that had previously not seen any value in attending.

Why is that I wonder?

2 Responses to “Have You Noticed How Popular Networking Has Become?”

  1. Hi Richard,

    My experience confirms what you are saying, the traffic to our site, FindNetworkingEvents.com has doubled since November!

    The number of networking event organisations seems to be mushrooming as well.

    It’s interesting given the downturn in the economy and the increase in other online networking opportunities.

    I assume businesses are just realising they need to get out there and network to weather the storm!


  2. You’re right-on there Stuart
    Every time I turn a corner there’s another event going on, mornings, lunch times, and even supper clubs, and ALL of them are doing well.
    I’ve long been an avid supporter of networking, and the quality of the attendees is another factor, its certainly drawing in individuals who seem to ‘get’ the point of networking.

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