Is Your Office ECO Friendly?

ECO Friendly and Recycling is this years ‘black’.  Is your company ‘on message’? Of course, I’d like you to be thinking about promotional gifts, after all, thats what my company, RT Promotions does, and there are ways you can give a promotional item that are both functional, perhaps for the office, as well as giving a statement about your thoughts on this area.

Practically every office I’ve walked through has a gaggle of them, in fact, you will probably find one on every desk wont you? Have you ever wondered about all those staples being used in them, all that steel, and the cost of producing it?  I have read that one staple weighs 0.05 grammes, so if each of the UK’s estimated ten million office workers used one less staple a day, 120,000 kg (or 120 tonnes) of steel would be saved every year. Isn’t that amazing…. I hope its true!!!

ECO Friendly Promotional Stapler

ECO Friendly Promotional Stapler


With that in mind, think about this as a promotional gift. Its a stapleless stapler. It works by crimping your paper together, and is therefore ECO friendly. Imagine your brand or logo on this little giveaway, sitting on your customers desks, being used every day, and reminding everyone about your policy regarding the environment. Thats what we call ‘Memory Hook Marketing’, you are making it harder and harder for them to forget you, and are hooking them in.

Go on, make a difference, kick start your business and make a statement at the same time, suprise and astonish your customers with a low cost business generator. Hundreds of our customers do exactly this, and we see the positive difference it can make to their business.

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