Hotel and Catering Exhibition Needs Promotional Giveaway

You’ve got to try ALL of the tools in the marketing mix goodybox haven’t you? It’s no good complaining that ‘PR doesn’t work for me’ or that ‘local press advertising is a waste of money’ if you have no evidence to support your claim. So, with baited breath, my business, RT Promotions, took some stand space at one of the south coasts biggest trade shows, The Hotel and Catering Show, held at the BIC in Bournemouth last week.

So, ask yourself a question.
What does a company (mine) that helps its customers use promotional gifts to generate business use for themselves at a show like this, to stimulate interest in themselves????

Is it a fork, or is it a pen?

Is it a fork, or is it a pen?

We chose the FORK PEN.
Come on…. it was a ‘catering’ show, and its an unusual pen that was sure to get the steady flow of potential customers interested. Try saying the following, quickly, to get the general idea of where I’m coming from:
“Hello there, would you like a fork and pen”, say it quick, and you’ll catch my drift!!!

We had a superb show. Most people got ‘it’, and those that didn’t…. well, I’ll never know will I?

Now there’s one further challenge for you to consider. What sort of message would you have printed onto a pen like this? I had an opinion (doesn’t everyone?) and sought opinions from a group of business owners where I laid down a challenge. Come up with something original and on-the-money, and I’ll use your slogan on my pen.

What do you think they came up with?

2 Responses to “Hotel and Catering Exhibition Needs Promotional Giveaway”

  1. I just read somewhere that balloons make the perfect inexpensive promotional item to giveaway at tradeshows. What do you think?

  2. Thank you for this.
    YES, I agree, Balloons are a great promotional aid at shows, go for vibrant colours (link them to your brand), and put a compelling message on there that will get folks attention. Balloons are mobile billboards that travel around the show, drawing attention to your message….. come and see us at stand 25!!!!
    Remember, when you print onto a balloon, to tell the printer if you are filling them with gas, or air. If filled with gas, you print with the neck down, if you fill with air its the other way round. Otherwise your message will be upside down!!! Simple, and obvious, but folks get it wrong by not ‘thinking it through’.

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