Effective Promotional Products

Effective promotional products - the mousemat

Effective promotional products - the mousemat

Are they the most effective promotional product available?

There are many challengers for the crown of ‘best promotional product’, not least the mighty pen, but the mousemat is a truly effective and versatile thing, that when used correctly, will outpace most of its rivals!!

Take some time out to consider their features and benefits and see what you think:

  • Thin and compact (they will easily go ‘letter post’)
  • Available at surprisingly low cost 
  •  Superb branding opportunities (there’s just SO much space to brand)
  • EVERY desk I’ve ever seen has a mousemat on it, make it yours
  • Compatible with most brand designs (Unlike a pen, you will be able to fully use a mousematfor your most creative messages)
  • Available in a range of materials, shapes and colours (ensuring your message stands out and is effective)… or as we call it, ‘Memory Hook Marketing’.

You can have a lot of fun designing the artwork to go onto a mousemat, so don’t simply stick you business card details on there, be brave. In my business, RT Promotions, we see loads of designs, and the ones you remember, the ones you’d actually like to have on your desk, are the creative ones. This is one area where you should consult with a friendly graphic designer.

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