Effective For A Reason

Promotional products are bought for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason most companies buy a supply of promotional gifts, is to GENERATE BUSINESS. It doesn’t have to have bells and whistles, it doesn’t have to be the very latest idea, it doesn’t have to be cheap or expensive… all or needs to be is EFFECTIVE.


Effective Promotional Products

Effective Promotional Products

In any survey regarding promotional products I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I’ve seen a few, the simple T Shirt is always up there in the top five, often top three.  A T Shirt for goodness sake…. what’s exciting about a T Shirt? Well hang on a minute, who said anything about ‘exciting’ (not that a T Shirt has to be boring), we were talking about ‘effective’. So ask yourself the question, what do you want, effective, or different???

T Shirts are a great way to get people (customers) to engage with your message. What can be more engaging than physically wearing your message? Plus, if you get the imagery right, the effect is viral. Picture an event where the occasional customer is wandering around wearing your message, other potential customers will be drawn to the image, and will begin to ask, “how do I get to wear one, where did you get the T shirt from?”, and so even more customers are seen wearing them, and yet more people ask where they can get them from….. that’s an interesting prospect right?

T shirts are effective because they are worn and owned by the owner, but are seen and desired by the marketplace. The owner has to nurture and care for the product or it will eventually waste away, so the customer buys in to your mesage in a truly engaging way, much more so than with say a pen.

Go on, be adventurous with your branding and message, go for a promotional T shirt!!!

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