Inspirational Thoughts

Thoughts are important

Thoughts are important

I was lucky enough to be in the audience for a GREAT motivational speaker last week, and amongst the many thought provoking ideas he gave me, one of them made me reach for my pen (always have one to hand… I wonder why?), and a notepad.

It was a statement made by Mahatma Gandhi, and I hope I jotted it down correctly, as for me, it was truly inspirational:

Your Beliefs become your Thoughts

Your Thoughts become your Words

Your Words become your Actions

Your Actions become your Habits

Your Habits become your Values

Your Values become your Destiny

So, I guess, we should just be a little careful with our beliefs and thoughts.

2 Responses to “Inspirational Thoughts”

  1. Spot on – totally agree, in fact I might just print it out for my wall. Thanks for that.

  2. Bithika Says:


    Thank you for sharing this wonderful thought from Gandhi. Every great leader whether it was Lincoln, Winston Churchill or Gandhi were aware of the innate power of thoughts in shaping our ultimate destiny.

    At times when you know the fact that your thoughts have such a power, you are scared of them & become careful to think the right thing all the time for you & others.

    Hope you have started implementing this thought. Do share your experience on this Richard?

    Thank you.

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