Take A Step Back

It feels like I’ve just about recovered. It’s taken a little over a week… but now I’m OK, I’m over it. So what exactly is ‘it’ that’s taken me a whole week to recover from?

Trade shows. Worse, a trade show for my own industry sector, Promotional gifts and corporate workwear. Worse, it was Europes’ biggest show of the year, PSI at Dusseldorf in Germany, and held over three days. It was brilliant and exhausting in equal measures.

It got me thinking though… If you are an exhibitor at a trade show, where nearly all of the visitors are from within the same industry, and have seen all of the promotional giveaways and gimmicks…. just what do you use as a ‘give away’?

I was astonished at the lack of original thought from nearly ALL of the exhibitors. It was all the usual suspects: pens,  notepads, badges, lanyards, etc, etc. All very well if the audience comprised businesses to whom this was all new… but hardly going to scratch the surface of folk like me. So why do it? Laziness I reckon… but also a case of standing to close to the rock face.

The good news is, for people that took the time to think about their market, and came up with original or thought provoking ideas, the rewards were rich indeed.

If you’re going to exhibit at a trade show, whatever your market, put some thought into the items you will be giving your prospects to take away, maybe even get someone else to choose them, or, ask yourself the question “what would you like to receive as a branded promotional gift”?


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