What you get, isn’t always what you’see’

Custom Chocolate Advent Calenders

Custom Chocolate Advent Calenders


I love the way you can have ‘fun’ with promotional gifts, and take the concept to places that it probably wasn’t even designed to go. Things like pens or coffee mugs are pretty much as straightforward as you can get, but what about an ‘Advent Calender’? You’d be excused for thinking they are only any use for Christmas, maybe at a push, for Easter celebrations. I know that that’s what I thought. Until a client came to me last week with an unusual request, that made me realise the potential for a gift like this.

My client was looking for a ‘staff motivator’ and thought that a one month promotion could be just the job. Using the advent calender as a template, they wanted to use one as a desk top calender during February. There will be a unique motivational message behind each door, tied into their motivational programme, and of course, with a chocolate token to eat as well.

I thought it was a really neat idea. I have a question mark over using confectionery as a promotional giveaway. In my mind, they get eaten and are quickly forgotten. I like promotional gifts to hang around, reminding people of your brand and message, thats why I often refer to this whole area as ‘Memory Hook Marketing’. On the other hand, the BEST promotional gifts appeal to your senses, and what can be stronger than chocolate to appeal to your sense of taste?

Time will tell whether or not the promotion is the success it deserves to be.

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