Givers Gain

I had a conversation with a client today that brought home to me the POWER of ‘giving’ without expecting anything in return. ‘Givers Gain’ is a popular term in networking circles, perhaps even a little overused, but when you can see it working, in real time, its certainly impressive.

Over the years I have built up a database of business people who I try to stay in contact with. The more it grew, the more difficult it became to do so. My solution was to create a newsletter, ‘Mack In Touch‘ which I send out around every other month. I work hard to give it a light touch, not too selly, kind of “Hi, remember me? We met at an event the other week/month/year”!!! It works. I receive a lot of compliments, and gain business. I always ensure the newsletters carry articles from my clients. It gives them the opportunity to reach my database, and is a way of saying ‘thank you’. They are helping me by providing content (ask anyone who publishes a newsletter and they’ll tell you this is the difficult part), and I am helping them. We are both ‘givers’, and we both stand to gain.

The story my client told me demonstrated that there could be more than two winners though, and in her example there were FIVE.

She explained that she had read an article in the newsletter from one of my clients, Linda Parkinson – Hardman, and had been suitable impressed with her tips for improving your website that she had clicked through to Linda’s website. (WIN).
The website explained that Linda was delivering a keynote address at a Womens networking group. My client thought this was just the sort of thing she needed to do, so she signed up, there and then, to go to the event. (WIN)
Impressed by the content on Linda’s website, and feeling like she was on a roll, she decided to buy one of Linda’s books, ‘How to build a brilliant business with the internet’, on-line, from Amazon. (WIN)
Amazon were offering a deal on Linda’s book , where you could buy a second-hand copy at a reduced rate. She purchased it, and it was delivered the very next day.
Whilst reading the book, a compliment slip fell out. Not from Amazon, or from Linda, but from the previous reader/owner of the book, who just happened to be a UK based marketing and design company called ‘Tasty Marketing’. My client, thinking this must be a case of syrendipity, called the agency and has arranged a meeting to discuss her marketing requirements (WIN)
My client then phoned me up, to pass a business referral, and to thank me for empowering her (WIN)

Just look at all of those winners, and all because some business owners decided to ‘give’.

One Response to “Givers Gain”

  1. Thanks for the extra ‘plug’ Richard – it’s much appreciated and yes, I did get to meet the lady in question at the networking group too.

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