Life Can Be Tough

Another day at the office. Life throwing up challenges. Your shoulders slump and you think, “why me?”. Do you feel sorry for yourself and tell everyone you meet how hard life is, or do you lift your head up, face your challenges, and say to yourself, “I’m going to remember these times as a motivator to succeed?”

We all face challenges, and occasionally, they are tougher than normal. Certainly in business, there’s a steady stream of them coming past my door. I thought mine were tough to deal with, and then I saw this video clip of someone elses day ‘at the office’.

Can you imagine the challenges the pilot faced?

  • He loses his right wing during an aerobatic display:- Pretty bad that. Should he now give up? Bail out?
  • He regains control of the plane:- Impressive, but now what? How do you get back to the runway? Give up?
  • He brings the plane back to the runway, flying inches above it:-  Now what? Crash and hope? Give up?
  • He flips the plane onto the runway, and taxis to a halt. Priceless….

It’s the most amazing piece of flying I’ve seen, but regardless of his clearly impressive skills, it’s the mindset I’m in awe of. Most people would have fallen apart (well the plane started it, why not follow suit), yet he overcame the problems, dealt with the situation, and delivered an amazing result.

Can you imagine how good he must have felt?

Can you apply that kind of focus to your business? Imagine the results you’d get?

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