Generating Business The ECO Friendly Way


ECO Friendly Promotional Gifts

ECO Friendly Promotional Gifts

‘ECO Friendly’ is the new ‘black’ of the promotional gifts market. You mean you didn’t know? Hadn’t heard? My word, just look at what you’re wearing!!!!!! Dhaaaaaarling, you are SO yesterday with your imprinted and branded gifts!!

Until around a year ago, the ‘eco friendly’ stuff was the domain of companies with a very clear message to get out there, “LOOK AT US…. WE USE RECYCLED PROMOTIONAL GIFTS”. If that wasn’t your thing, and for the vast majority it wasn’t, then you simply carried on doing things the way you always had. Sure, you had an internal policy document on ‘recycling’, but all it boiled down to was turning off the PC’s at night, using low-consumption light bulbs, and maybe re-using the spoilt printer paper on the reverse side.

But, the world is changing, more and more consumers are aware of the ‘green’ issues, and not keeping up could seriously damage your companies prospects of finding new customers if you are giving out the wrong message. It’s a bit like the person that has a last desperate cigarette before walking into a busy networking room…. the taste and smells follow you into the smoke-free room. You open your mouth to speak, and as well as your ‘content’ there’s an added tobacco flavour as well. Nice.

Showing your potential customers that you care about these environmental issues doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of my clients are now using recycled pencils instead of the wooden ones they’d previously have used. Don’t forget to TELL people what you are doing, perhaps with a message on the pencil that says “I was made from 4.5 recycled vending machine cups“. You’re going to promote yourself in any case, so why not do it with a powerful message that will appeal to an increasing number of your prospects?

One Response to “Generating Business The ECO Friendly Way”

  1. Nice article.
    My company now always insists on using eco friendly promotional gifts, and you are right, it reenforces the message about our company values…

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