Telling Stories

Making It Easy For Others To Remember You

Making It Easy For Others To Remember You

There’s been an increase over the past six months in the number of businesses that use ‘networking’ as a means to grow their business. I wonder why that is? Is it fear of the ‘R’ word again?
Whatever the reason, if you are exploring networking groups, there’s loads of very simple to apply rules you should learn, in fact, I have presented ‘The Top Ten Tips Of Networking’ to several groups, but this blog article is one of only three, and looks at what I consider to be the three core skills of networking. This one is about ‘Telling Stories’…

Think for a minute about what you do, at a networking event (and that can even be a one to one meeting) when you meet someone?

You probably do the formal introduction don’t you, “Hi, my names Bob, my business is Bobs Widgit Co, and we build the best widgits in the country… here’s my card. Tell me, what do you do?”

So you do this little dance number with the person you are talking to, swap cards, and politely move on to another victim, ooops, potential client.

There’s so much going on here that I’d like to talk about, but I’m determined to stay focussed…. lets look at just one aspect of this shall we? Most contacts that you meet, aren’t going to buy off of you at that first meeting (are YOU yourself buying off of everyone you meet?), and the point here is to plant little seeds to ensure you are remembered by that other person, when the time comes for them to need your services. Imagine how you’d feel, if the next time you met them, say two months later, you do your little dance number routine with the business cards again, and then they say, “Oh gee Bob, I just went and bought a whole load of widgits, enough to last us a whole year, I forgot about you…. sorry, maybe next time”

The reason they didn’t remember you is YOUR FAULT, not theirs. It’s YOUR job to make it easy for people you meet to remember you and what it is you do, and the best bit is, it’s really easy to do. Stop selling yourself, and tell them a little anecdotal story about you and your business. If you’ve been in business even for just a short while, you’ll have stories (little press releases) in your head, about things you’ve done that have had an effect.

That’s the thing. Your stories can’t be just about how great you are. They’re not simple publicity stunts. They must be real, and demonstrate the effect you or your business had with a client.

Let me give you an example I have used in my own business RT Promotions. We make branded promotional giveaways that companies use to make sure they are remembered by their prospects, we call that ‘Memory Hook Marketing’, let me tell how it worked for one of my clients. Their business sells motorcycle spare parts and accessories over the internet, and their target market is predominantly young men. I suggested they put a free printed key fob into every delivery package, simple, low cost little things. Not shiny and sexy, but soft and plastic so they wouldn’t dangle onto the motorbikes and scratch them. They buy them 1,000 at a time, and they cost less than £300. I was visiting them the other day when the owner took a phone call from a someone looking to buy a motorcycle part with a value of £425. He got the deal, took the payment on line, and despatched the product within hours. He asked the young man ‘how’ he’d found his details, was it from a web search? Oh no, came the reply. I recently bought a second hand bike, and found your number on the spare set of keys that came with it!!!! So, a 30p keyring gave him a return on investment of £425. Thats the sort of effect my business, RT Promotions, can have for our clients.

That’s the sort of story YOU could be giving, ones that show the real difference you and/or your services can make for your clients. Think about it as a series of questions:

  1. The problem was this….
  2. This is what my business did….
  3. This is the effect we had….

 Make sure you have a portfolio of stories, so that you give the one thats most appropriate for the person you are talking to, the one that they will relate to, and REMEMBER you by.

We all love to hear stories, and the businesses that I remember, and I meet lots, are the ones that make it easy for me.

‘Make It Easy For Others To Remember You’, is my number two rule, of GREAT NETWORKING TIPS.
Number One is ‘TRUST‘ which I wrote about just the other week.
There’s only three, come back to find out what the other one is.

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