Social Networking

Richard Mack

Richard Mack

I keep hearing about the benfits to businesses of on-line ‘Social Networking’, and I have been doing my bit for some time now. I read an article yesterday (from a wordpress blog) which explained how many businesses get this whole area wrong. They look at it from the exact same perspective as they look at any other marketing activity, they expect results, they expect them now. They want to see a Return on their Investment (ROI).

They are looking at it in completely the wrong way.

Social networking sites simply aren’t going to ever show you an immediate ROI, they work on a different level. They are about engaging with your customers or clients on a different level, they’re about showing the ‘people side’ of you and your business, and they’re about being ‘open’ to feedback. They’re about building your own little communities of fellow believers, and that, eventually, will build your brand.

It’s not going to be right for every business, and will certainly take a higher level of commitment and personal contribution than any other kind of marketing I can think of, but there are plenty of examples of where this can be an amazingly effective communication tool.

The photo at the beginning of this article is my personal new ‘look’ for use on some of the sites I contribute to, mostly Face Book and LinkedIn.
What do you think? Better than the shot of me in the mini?

2 Responses to “Social Networking”

  1. Richard,

    As I said yesterday, I think the new piccie is great – it really stands out from the crowd.

    And while I’m on, thank you for the plug during your presentation. It was and is most appreciated.



  2. No problem, YOU make it easy to remember you.
    Tamara ESex was looking for you too, said she wanted to use you for something!!!

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