A positive outlook

The R word

The R word

I had the following response (by private email) to my newsletter article (see below). The sender is a guy called Mark Pierson, and I think his attitude sums up the British spirit to the current economic situation.

“Official figures (Bank of England) out this week state  that for everyman women and child, expenditure will drop by £400 this coming year.
Thats £1.09 per day!!
I dont know about you but if I worried about my work interms of my own family spending £5 a day less in the year a head It wouldn’t make the slightest difference to me.
We all need a sense of perspective so when official figures tell us that each one of us might spend a pound less a day its not exactly going to impact us very much.
So save more than a £1 a day and you’ve beaten the recession, sell enough to make more than £1 a day and you will better off!! Ands thats official.
We all talk of going to a pound shop to get a bargain so if this recession is as they say it will be-then perhaps we can call it the £1 recession and get on with our lives (I didn’t make the figures up) and stop panicking”

Thanks for this Mark.
I just love it when I receive feedback like this, and you know what? It’s not unusual, it’s just that the UK press don’t report it. My business, RT Promotions, comes into daily contact with literally hundreds of businesses, and I personally get to meet or speak with dozens of them DAILY, and the vast majority of them are positive. Where’s the press in that?

2 Responses to “A positive outlook”

  1. Anyone who’s stressing and worrying about a single pound, a single dollar or whatever currency the country you reside in has – knows that there’s other issues going on.

    Perhaps too much debt?

    In the case of business owners, perhaps lack of communication with your current clients?

    Or perhaps not keeping a database of your best clients?

    Whatever the situation is – if a pound or a dollar is going to break you – it’s time to look at real reason behind the apparent bust.

  2. Good point Nicholas. I’ve heard it said many, many times that the first action for business owners is to ‘ring fence’ their best customers.

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