Taking Risks

Taking Risks

Taking Risks

I read a report that people will take more risks in tough economic times. Apparantly, people’s appetite for risk-taking is likely to increase if the economy enters a recession. According to a survey released by the international leadership development organisation, ‘Common Purpose’, over half of all working adults surveyed already consider themselves to be risk takers and 43% think it will be important to take more risks to help their organisation survive through a recession.

 I think this may well be a ‘marmite moment’. Some people will be concerned that there will be employees within their organisation currently taking risks, while others will be encouraged by the fact.

I have been doing some research on up-coming trade shows in the UK, an area where my business, RT Promotions, can make a profound difference to the companies attending on how effective their businesses will be. Simple things like using the right promotional giveaway, can make a huge difference in qualifying potential customers, or even in ensuring you are remembered long after the show has finished, we call that ‘memory hook marketing’, and boy, is it effective. So anyway, in doing this research, I was struck by how brave many businesses were. Here we are being told every day that times are tough and likely to be getting tougher, and while some businesses pull in their purse strings, there’s plenty more, taking a risk, and spending money speculatively, at trade shows.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, and my moneys on the ones going out there trying to stimulate the economy.

4 Responses to “Taking Risks”

  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Appreciate that Stacey

  3. Richard
    I agree. If we had to pay to subscribe to the recession club who’d join up?
    If we recognise what’s going on and use some tactical thinking to exploit the situation, sorry look for the opportunities, then maybe us little people can really make a difference!

    My tips: Take action, don’t pull in your horns, be visible you’ll stand out.
    Be curious and creative, change creates opportunity be alert and exploit it
    Stay positive and celebrate success, easy to say but hugely important
    Build a team or community, make sure you have like-minded people around you

  4. Cheers for that Steve
    Your words are all the more powerful because of your experience. You run a business that is all about working with business leaders who are ENERGISED, focussed, and prepared to work to get the results you and your team will bring.

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